Author : Clara Attene

“We use data to build common goods”: interview with Matteo Moretti, designer and co-founder of

Matteo Moretti is a designer and co-founder of, a design company based in Bolzano, but honestly this description may sound a little underestimating when you start exploring his works and his career, which began in the online, motion graphic and data visualisation industry at Erazero Milan. Then in 2010 he started an academic career […]

Are you scared more by snakes or by what is inside your computer?

These days I’m reading a book entitled “Creative Confidence”. If you are familiar with design thinking, you probably know the authors, David and Tom Kelley, inventors of the concept of design thinking. They also founded the in Stanford, a place dedicated to helping people develop their creative abilities. Every human is creative The book […]

Why we need to care about what is (almost) invisible in technologies

Last summer I read two books: “Invisible” by the Spanish writer Eloy Moreno and “Invisible Women” by the British writer and feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez.  They apparently look quite different kinds of reading, but I felt they have quite a lot in common: they both talk about the problems that come from being invisible. […]

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